What are the prices?

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Is payment made at time of booking the charter?
Yes, payment can be paid by Square, PayPal and all the standard Credit Cards using Square.
Do you charge more for the holidays?
No. I’ve always hated when somebody else does that. I believe our prices are fair year-round.
Are refunds given?
Refunds are not given unless extreme weather circumstances and at that time we would like the opportunity to reschedule.
Can we cancel or change the charter date?
Yes, please give me 72 hours’ notice prior to your departure time.
Can the Captain cancel or end the charter?
Yes the Captain has the right to end your charter due to disorderly, disrespectful or intoxicated passengers. This is for the safety of all passengers and crew.
Can I book fewer than 6 people?
Yes, with no issues but please specify ages if under 12.
Can I book more than 6 people?
Not currently. Our vessel early 2024 is going for a COI (Certificate of Inspection) certification or also known as SPV (Small Passenger Inspection) certification.
This will allow us up to 12 guests.
Are you ADA accessible?
Unfortunately due to dock being a fixed height and varying high and low tides we are not.
Where do we park?
Dockside Restaurant and Colonial Beach Yacht Club would prefer that everyone park on the grass or pavement area nearest the boats that are stored on land. The gravel area closest to the water is for members of the marina that are there every day and live aboard.
What is the start time?
We ask that you be at the vessel 10 or 15 minutes prior to departure. This gives us time to go over all safety instructions such as like jacket locations and other safety related information.
Can we bring pets on your vessel?
We do not allow pets as safety for your pet is our concern. If you do have a service animal, please make that very clear before booking your day on the water.
Is swimming allowed?
Not at this time as our insurance will not allow it. Our boat is equipped with an outside shower if needing to stay wet and cool. There will be zero tolerance for jumping off the boat into the water or sitting on the railings while under way. Failure to comply will end the charter and everyone will be promptly returned to the dock.
Is fishing allowed?
We are not a dedicated fishing charter. We do have plenty of fishing poles on board but during booking please specify this and I’ll provide simple bait.
Are life jackets provided?
Yes, we have 12 Type 1 commercial adult life jackets and other types of ski life jackets that are much more comfortable. During the booking phase, please provide ages of anyone under 12 as we do carry smaller life jackets.
Can we bring our own life jackets?
WIFI capabilities?
We have a dedicated T-Mobile hot spot on the boat everyone is welcome to use.
Music capabilities?
We have a few Bluetooth speakers that can be carried with your person around the boat to play what you wish. We have additional music receivers in the cabin.
Forecasted rain, will this cancel our charter?
No. We monitor weather very closely and we will communicate to the person that booked the charter. If heavy rolling swells or lightning, we will cancel and offer your group the opportunity to reschedule. No refunds will be given unless extreme circumstances.
What safety equipment is on board?
As an USCG OUPV vessel, I must meet all safety requirements from the USCG. Rest assured our vessel is safe. We have motion sickness medicine and Benadryl on board.
What are your restroom accommodations?
We have a full head that stays nice and clean.
What can we bring on board?
We suggest sunscreen, sunglasses, charge phone cords, towels, food, and beverages.
Do you supply food?
We do not supply food at this time but that may change to light food in 2024.
Can we bring food/beverages?
Yes, anything you would like. No red wine in the interior cabin.
Do you have large coolers on board?
Yes, we have a very larger cooler, and we supply 2 bags of ice and ample bottled water for everyone.
Can we bring our own coolers?
We prefer that you don’t as our large coolers will handle anything.
Is smoking permitted?
Yes, only on the aft deck and fly bridge. Not on the bow or interior cabin. No drugs or weapons ever.